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Our game, Portrayal™, was released in late 2006. Asmodee has licensed the game design and has released it as Identik™ in the USA.


Identik is also available in French, German, and Spanish throughout Europe.


Identik (published by Asmodee) is one of five nominees for the 2010 Spiel des Jahres, the most prestigious award in gaming!

Identik (published by Asmodee) has won the 2010 Game of the Year Award in France at the Cannes Game Festival (Jeu as d'Or du Festival des Jeux de Cannes)

Identik (published by Asmodee) was a finalist for the 2010 Game of the Year Award in Spain at the Juego del Año, and a finalist for the 2010 Game of the Year Award in Quebec at the Lys D'Or!

Portrayal has won Learning Magazine 2009 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family, and The Toyman's Editor's Choice Award.

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